beautiful little things

by carlyjunehaase



Our Advent wreath.

Today I felt the pressure of the holiday season acutely. So acutely in fact that I wrote the majority of this post hunched over my phone in a crowded train station. Because sometimes it just helps to write.

Point being I had had a very busy morning preparing lessons and running errands all over town. As I was rushing to catch the S-Bahn back to into the city I kept going over my to-do list in my head: stop at the drugstore, buy conditioner (so you’re able to comb out your hair tomorrow without shedding a tear) get more bread, buy milk, wait, do we need milk? Buy new flowers, throw out the dead ones. Vacuum kitchen, clean bathroom, work. Do I have time to run?

All of this whirled round and round in my mind, I had to be faster, there was so much to do. But then I reached the platform and saw the next train wasn’t due for 20 minutes. 20 minutes?!? Furious at what a waste of time it would be to sit on the platform and do absolutely nothing for 20 whole minutes I huffed over to the bench and sat down. It wasn’t until I was sitting there that a blanket of calm settled around me. I took a breath and looked out into the mist surrounding the platform. It was actually very nice to do nothing. There was a dog playing, a couple walking and for the moment everything was quiet. It struck me that I was so busy being stressed that I was oblivious to the life around me, all of the beauty I couldn’t see.

So I went home with a different perspective. I savored my walk and enjoyed the comforting familiarity of my neighborhood. I vowed to notice the beauty that was already around me and just sit awhile as often as I could. In case any of you need a little reminder to slow down here are some beautiful little things I’m luxuriating in today.


A perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg.


The last of Fall color.



The perfect cup of fresh mint tea.