Weekend Jaunts

by carlyjunehaase

I wondered if I should tell you about my weekend this morning, since I was and undeniably, still am in the unfortunate funk we call the post-weekend blues. Where all the glorious weekend activities are still freshly stamped on your mind and it doesn’t matter if you spent the weekend in bed with a bowl of popcorn and a Gilmore Girls marathon or if you actually went somewhere and did something with someone you find fabulous.

Because regardless the weekend is over and now you’ve got a new week ahead of you with appointments and responsibilities and all you really want to do is pop another bag of popcorn and snuggle back under the covers and watch just one more episode, just one, before you tackle the week.

Or maybe you had a crappy weekend and so you’re glad to be back at the grind or wherever it is you spend your 9-5 but right now I’m spending my time in that uncertain limbo of the nearly unemployed. That time when you spend every waking minute looking for work- looking for something to do- and trying not to feel like your only purpose every day is to kill time.

I try to break up my day and between the looking for work process that we all know and love so much I do a little yoga, go for a run, fit in some studying for the GRE (as it looms closer on the horizon) and prep for the one class I have so far (a Medical English course where I’m trying to learn all the material before I have to teach it) and I also get a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of simply going to the little organic grocery store around the corner from my house. While I shopped this morning I fell victim to the store’s wickedly sly marketing and came home with an extra box of Speculoos cookies and chips and salsa to boot. I went for the chips first (the healthier option for my midmorning snack?) only to give up after trying-in vain- to crack open the jar of salsa. I tried everything but the little jar beat me. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? I’ll leave it there for Tim to tackle when he gets home but really you’d think I could open my own jars.

In the meantime- check out some photos from our weekend jaunt to Goettingen this weekend and Schloss Marienburg- a castle (!)- which lurks on the outskirts of Hannover. Happy Monday!