Ginger nostalgia

by carlyjunehaase


I have bad memories about Ginger Ale.

When I was a kid anytime I got in a car for an extended period of time (and by extended I mean >30 minutes) I would get car sick.  I don’t think I ever actually got sick (not to be explicit or anything)  but nausea would hit me like a ton of bricks. This usually resulted in me automatically snagging the shotgun seat next to my father on long family road trips, to the irritation of my younger sister. It also usually resulted in frequent stops along the highway and you guessed it, Ginger Ale.

Though I have no recollection at all about whether or not it actually worked, my parents gave me Ginger Ale to soothe my stomach. Whenever we stopped for gas on those long car trips  my sister and I headed into the Quick Mart for Skittles and Starburst. She always picked out Dr. Pepper and at my parents’ insistence I always got stuck with Ginger Ale.

I must say though after nearly a lifetime of eschewing all things ginger-y, lately I’ve developed something of a taste for it.


So last weekend we decided to be luxurious and instead of undertaking the somewhat arduous process that involves walking and eating ice cream simultaneously, we decided to plump for a sundae and a seat,  to soak up the sun with all the other Germans.

Bearing my ginger kick in mind, I decided to forgo the elaborate ice cream towers gently swimming in amaretto (which aren’t bad either) in favor of something refreshing.  I opted for the “Ginger Fizz”. Image

Passion fruit sorbet and Ginger Ale are blended together with a little ice and you end up with a perfectly thick milkshake consistency. It was so good that the next day (which was hot and humid) all I could think about was going back for another Ginger Fizz.

So I decided to make my own.


Ginger Fizz inspired by Cafe zum Mohren


Ginger Ale

Passion fruit sorbet or frozen yogurt (mango also works nicely here)


This is hardly a recipe so feel free to substitute as you will. I had a hard time finding passion fruit sorbet so I went with a frozen yogurt variety. If anything it just added extra creaminess.

For two servings (or one decadent one) add three or four heaping scoops of sorbet and about a cup of Ginger Ale to the blender. To keep it extra cold and refreshing toss in a couple ice cubes. Blend just until everything it combined and you have a thick consistency. If you feel like it’s a bit thin add another scoop of sorbet.

Enjoy in a frosted glass out on the balcony in the sun. It really is the perfect summer drink.